Solar Interventions into other sectors

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, which is generated with the help of absorbing photons released from the natural sun in the form of radiation. There are different methods of utilizing solar panels or solar technology for various purposes which are as follows:  Solar PV (Ground-mounted) Solar PV (Rooftop) Solar Thermal (Concentrated) Portable … Read more

Advantages of installing Solar Rooftop

Following are the advantages of installing the solar rooftop system: Utilization of vacant rooftop for power generation; Can generate power for self-consumption and feed excess power to the grid; Provision for settlement of registered surplus energy fed to the grid on half of the yearly basis; Surplus energy injected shall be considered for payment by … Read more

Financial Incentives for Solar Rooftop

The following incentives are provided at the state and central levels for solar rooftop power systems are as below: Central financial assistance up to 30% of the system cost may be provided by MNRE as per the prescribed eligibility criteria, for domestic use up to 1KW capacity and for institutions/commercial/industries up to 100KW capacity; The … Read more

Procedure for getting clearances to Solar Rooftop installation

The following are the standard procedures to follow to get the clearance for installing the solar power system: The interested consumer can download the solar net metering rooftop application from the official website of state DISCOM and submit a filled-in application to the concerned Divisional Engineer / Operation/ state DISCOM along with the fee of … Read more