Solar Residential / Domestic

The residential roofs which are empty or vacant have the scope of installing solar PV which can help in reducing your monthly electric bills. Using the Net Metering model, excess power generated from the installed Solar PV power plant can reduce your monthly electricity charges. A solar system gives you an ROI of 25 – 30%. This means that you earn INR. 25,000- 30,000 annually for every lakh you invest in solar. Solar panels are very durable and last for 25 years.

Cleaning the panels once every two weeks is the only maintenance required. This basic cleaning routine ensures that the panels can generate maximum power for you. Some of the benefits of installing Rooftop Solar PV:

  1. Reduce your monthly electricity bills
  2. Reduces load on the grid
  3. Reduces grid fluctuations
  4. Reduces carbon footprints (Pollutions)
  5. Generate income by selling excess power to the grid