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Solar Residential Services

The residential roofs which are empty or vacant have the scope of installing solar PV which can help in reducing your monthly electric bills. Using the Net Metering model, excess power generated from the installed Solar PV power plant can reduce your monthly electricity charges. A solar system gives you an ROI of 25 – 30%. This means that you earn INR. 25,000- 30,000 annually for every lakh you invest in solar. Solar panels are very durable and last for 25 years.
Cleaning the panels once every two weeks is the only maintenance required. This basic cleaning routine ensures that the panels can generate maximum power for you. Some of the benefits of installing Rooftop Solar PV

Solar Residential Services by Sri Vibhave Energy Services

Types of Residential Solars

On Grid

When we talk about the term “on-grid” in relation to solar energy, we are referring to a system that is directly connected to the local utility grid. This type of system is primarily used in residential homes as it provides the homeowner a sense of security in knowing that they will be covered in case their solar system under or over-produces energy compared to their energy consumption needs. This means that if you consume more energy than your solar panels produce, you would have the ability to utilize the grid as a supplement without interruption to your daily life. Similarly, if your solar panels produce more energy than you require, the extra energy produced would go back into the grid for others to draw on. Overall, being tied to the utility grid provides stability and reliability to your solar system, making it an excellent option for homeowners looking to switch to solar energy. Contact us for more detailed information.

Off Grid

Off-grid solar systems are a highly advantageous option for individuals who possess a profound concern towards the environment, and believe in living unattached from the standard power sources. The marvel of these systems lies in the fact that they leverage clean and renewable solar energy to produce power. Unlike conventional electric resources that can be expensive, off-grid solar systems alleviate these concerns by reducing the dependence on conventional power sources and the costly bills that come with it. With not only monetary benefits but also eco-friendly ones, individuals can take charge of their living by making the switch to off-grid solar systems. Should the option spark an interest and align with your innovative spirit, feel free to reach out to us and take the first step towards making the shift to an off-grid solar system for your property.


Hybrid system

Utilizing renewable energy sources in order to power our homes and businesses is becoming increasingly popular. One type of renewable energy system that has gained a lot of attention is the hybrid solar system. This state-of-the-art system is both grid-tied and equipped with battery storage, which means that it can generate electricity through the use of high-quality solar panels during daylight hours. When excess energy is produced, the system stores it in its batteries so that it can be used at night or during periods when there is less sunlight. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of using a hybrid solar system to power your home or business, look no further than Sri Vibhave Solar Energy services. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision about whether a solar hybrid system is right for you.


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Reduce your monthly electricity bills
Reduces load on the grid
Reduces grid fluctuations
Reduces carbon footprints (Pollutions)
5. Generate income by selling excess power to the grid
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