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Consulting Services

M/s Sri Vibhave Energy Services.LLP will be offering consultancy services on different aspects of solar energy and other alternative energy resources by supporting the clients in providing technical, commercial, and advisory services at the national and international levels.


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We will be supporting the client in providing information on regulatory, policy at State and Central aspects, technology development, and feasibility studies of solar power projects nationally and internationally.

Project Bidding Assistance

We will be supporting the clients in furnishing all kinds of data required for identifying the feasibility of the project site and the type of technology that is most suitable. Bidding rate and all necessary documents for submitting RFS for Solar PV project under any state and central policies.

Engineering Services

Assist the project owner right from, • Preparation of lucrative Detailed Project Reports (DPRs)
• Helping in shortlisting and selection of EPC contractors, preparation of a comprehensive EPC contract, and Ensuring risk mitigation
• Review of contractor’s basic detailed engineering, and design and determine the compatibility of equipment and plant
• Supervision during Construction quality control and monitored implementation progress to avoid time and cost overruns
• Performance Acceptance Test at final handing over of the plant to the project developer and access
• Performance guarantees of the EPC contractor.
Consulting services in the solar sector encompass a wide range of offerings aimed at helping individuals, businesses, and organizations navigate the complexities of solar energy adoption. Here are various consulting services that we provide

Solar Feasibility Studies

Evaluate the viability of solar projects for residential, commercial, or industrial clients by assessing factors like location, available space, energy consumption, and financial feasibility.

Solar System Design

Create customized solar system designs based on client requirements, ensuring optimal energy production, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Financial Analysis and ROI Assessment

Calculate return on investment (ROI) and payback periods for solar installations, taking into account incentives, rebates, tax credits, and long-term energy savings.

Regulatory and Permitting Assistance

Help clients navigate complex permitting and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Grid Integration and Net Metering

Advise on grid interconnection options, net metering agreements, and energy storage solutions to optimize energy consumption and grid integration.

Energy Audits and Efficiency Recommendations

Conduct energy audits to identify energy-saving opportunities before implementing solar systems, potentially reducing the size of the required solar installation.

Technology Assessment

Stay up-to-date with the latest solar technologies, evaluating their suitability for specific projects and recommending the best equipment for optimal performance.

Financial and Investment Consulting

Assist clients in securing financing, grants, and incentives for solar projects through partnerships with financial institutions or government programs.

Vendor Selection and Procurement Assistance

Guide clients in selecting reputable solar equipment vendors, negotiating contracts, and ensuring quality equipment procurement.

Project Management

Oversee the entire solar project lifecycle, from planning and design to installation, commissioning, and post-installation support.

Community Solar and Utility-Scale Consultation

Offer guidance to developers and utilities on the development, financing, and management of large-scale solar projects and community solar programs.

Environmental and Sustainability Consulting

Assess the environmental impact of solar projects and provide strategies for minimizing their carbon footprint.

Energy Storage Solutions

Advise on integrating energy storage systems, such as batteries, with solar installations to store excess energy and enhance energy independence.

Monitoring and Maintenance Plans

Develop monitoring and maintenance plans to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of solar systems.

Off-Grid and Remote Area Solar Solutions

Provide expertise in designing and implementing off-grid solar systems for remote areas, including rural electrification projects.

Energy Management and Demand Response

Assist in energy management strategies and demand response programs to optimize energy consumption alongside solar installations.

Policy and Market Analysis

Stay informed about the latest solar policies, incentives, and market trends, providing clients with insights on the evolving solar landscape.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Conduct assessments to gauge the environmental impact of solar projects, helping clients adhere to sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Please contact us for a detailed discussion to avail of the services. We will be actively responding via e-mails.

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