Solar Interventions into other sectors

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, which is generated with the help of absorbing photons released from the natural sun in the form of radiation. There are different methods of utilizing solar panels or solar technology for various purposes which are as follows: 

  1. Solar PV (Ground-mounted)
  2. Solar PV (Rooftop)
  3. Solar Thermal (Concentrated)
  4. Portable Energy Storage Systems
  5. Solar Street Lighting Systems (SSLs)
  6. Solar Lanterns and Lamps (developed for rural purposes)
  7. Hybrid Energy Systems  (integration of Solar & Wind)
  8. Solar tree, Solar battery, etc.

In the history of solar energy generation, the main objective is to supply the power to the grid only but the adoption of technology into other sectors took a long time duration due to high technological costs. With the support of government schemes, mass production of solar modules and cells, incentives on installation in residential, commercial and Industrial has minimized the cost of INR 16-28 per kWh to INR 2-3 kWh, which made a grid parity with thermal power tariff.



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