Procedure for getting clearances to Solar Rooftop installation

The following are the standard procedures to follow to get the clearance for installing the solar power system:

  1. The interested consumer can download the solar net metering rooftop application from the official website of state DISCOM and submit a filled-in application to the concerned Divisional Engineer / Operation/ state DISCOM along with the fee of Rs. 1,000/-;
  2. The DISCOM personnel will conduct feasibility analysis within 15 days from the date of a completed application and give its approval based on feasibility. The consumer shall enter into an agreement with DISCOM in a prescribed format;
  3. The approval shall contain the maximum possible capacity of the SPV system and shall be valid for a period of 06 months from the date of approval;
  4. The consumers shall install the SPV systems and request the DISCOMs authorities for inspection within 06 months for receiving approval;
  5. On inspection of the equipment, the SPV system shall be synchronized within 10 working days, provided the systems are installed as per the norms and standards;
  6. During the period of synchronization of the SPV plant to the grid, the DISCOM personnel shall inspect, calibrate and seal the bi-directional meter;
  7. NREADCAP shall be the nodal agency for processing and, or realize for MNRE and government of state subsidy as per the existing norms and eligibility criteria.

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