Financial Incentives for Solar Rooftop

The following incentives are provided at the state and central levels for solar rooftop power systems are as below:

  1. Central financial assistance up to 30% of the system cost may be provided by MNRE as per the prescribed eligibility criteria, for domestic use up to 1KW capacity and for institutions/commercial/industries up to 100KW capacity;
  2. The state Govt. will provide a 20% subsidy for the installation of the rooftop system up to 3 KW capacity in the domestic sector only. this will be in addition to the eligible central finical assistance;
  3. Surplus energy injected by the solar rooftop / small solar PV generator shall be considered for payment by concerned AP DISCOMs at pool cost as may be decided by SERC (State Electricity Regulatory Commission) of that year;
  4. The payment of the pooled cost will be made effective for a period of 7 years from the date of establishment of such SPV plant;
  5. The settlement of registered surplus energy will be carried out on a half-yearly basis.

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