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Solar Residential/Domestic Power Plants

We understand that investing in solar energy for your home can be a big decision. We guide you along each step and manage every aspect of the project from designing to installation. If you have a bill of INR. 2500-5000 every month, a 3-5kW system can save you 90% of your electricity cost. Convert vacant roof space at home for Solar installation, get your payback in 03 years by enjoying free electricity for next 25 years.

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Collateral Free Solar Loan

We provide financial assistance to Customer Industries, Commercial Buildings , Schools and Medical College, Hospitals

  • Avail Accelerated Depreciation (AD)
  • No collateral Required
  • Asset ownership and Peace of Mind
  • No Processing Fee
  • Does not affect Line of Credit from Banks
  • Lowest Levelized Cost of Energy

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Solar Carport with EV Charging system

The great advantage of solar carports is that they do not require additional land the way ground mount does. As a result, solar panel carports offer a more efficient use of space than ground-mounted panels. If you are concerned about efficient use of space, you should consider a solar carport over a ground-mounted system. Overall, solar panel carports have less restraints or conflicts than ground-mounted solar, and can be considered preferable under many circumstances.

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Consultancy Services

we help customers by Furnishing all the data required for identifying the feasibility of the project site and technology. Bidding rate and all necessary documents for submitting RFS for Solar PV project under any state and central policies.

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